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Ultra m998 Review

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Closer Look: 

The Ultra m998 case has a total of two 120mm fans that will cool the case. Due to the fact that the case has only two 120mm fans to cool all of the system components, they were placed in the usual and most practical locations in the case. We have already taken a look the first fan which was located in the front of the case on the bottom, which will be sucking in fresh air. The second fan is located on the rear of the case between the power supply and expansion slots, and is positioned to blow the heated air outside of the case. Both of these fans are 120mm, are both the same model, and host an Ultra sticker.








The Ultra company has come up with a great idea that helps with the management of the power wires inside of the case. This idea is called the Ultra Power Bar that is located on the motherboard tray. The Ultra Power bar is a patented idea (Patent Number 7,133,293) by Ultra that allows the user to plug in two 4-pin power connectors and two 8-pin power connectors from the power supply, and gives you the option to have a total of four 4-pin and two 8-pin power ports at the other end. Ultra has packaged a bunch of power cables that can be plugged into one of the 4-pin or 8-pin power outputs on the Power Bar.



The m998 came with four wheels that you are able to mount the bottom of the case, which is a feature that could come in handy if you decide to pack a lot of heavy components into the case. Mounting the wheels was an easy task, all you need to do is place the case on its side, take a wheel, and screw four screws into the pre-drilled holes.  There you have it, wheels on the bottom of your case.



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