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Ultra m998 Review

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Closer Look: 


Taking a look at the case outside of the box, you can tell that the Ultra m998 was intended to grab the eye of anyone who may take a look at it. The case has a large side panel window that allows the interior of the case to be viewed. Looking through the side panel window, you are able to see the removable motherboard tray, which was also designed to grab the eye of anyone passing by, and looking at the case, it is constructed of finished Stainless Steel which gives it a mirror-like appearance. The front of the case has a very simplistic look to it by having the power and reset buttons in the upper right side of the front panel and having "Ultra" painted at the lower right. Near the bottom of the front panel, there is a front 120mm fan mounted, and there are slits in the plastic that allow the fan to suck in fresh air. The rear of this case is something to take a look at. As I had previously mentioned, the removable motherboard tray is constructed of finished Stainless Steel and has a mirror like appearance to it, which you can see very well from taking a look at the rear of the case. This is where the second 120mm fan is located and is setup as an exhaust.





The side panel featureing the plexi-glass window also features an 80mm fan hole that has a clear plastic duct that will rest over top your stock CPU heatsink and fan setup. This fan hole has a dust filter, as well as a grille that displays Ultra's name. Below this is where you can find a second hole in the plexi-glass fitted with a mesh like grille. This second hole is not for a fan, but is intended to rest over the PCI ports of the motherboard and allows any PCI card to access fresh air from outside of the case.



The front of the m998 is a removable piece of plastic that will reveal all of the hidden "secrets" that are covered up.




Along the right hand side of the front of the case case you may notice a few strange items. The one on the top is where the power and reset buttons are located, as well as the power light and hard drive activity indication lights. Below this you can find two USB ports, and below this, in a PCI slot-type bracket, are the firewire, audio, microphone, and eSATA ports.




The front mounted 120mm fan is designed to suck in fresh air from the outside of the case. This can pose a problem due to the fact that not everyone has the cleanest and dust free room that they keep their computers in. To help reduce the amount of dust that will be sucked in with the fresh air, Ultra decided to put a dust filter in front of the fan.



The top panel of the Ultra m998 is removable, which is how Ultra designed the installation of the power supply. This way you will be able to organize as well as hide the un-used wires coming from the power supply.



The m998 was packaged with a user manual as well as two unmarked white boxes. The boxes contain the accessories that Ultra felt were necessary to the customer. The box on the left has all of the usual items (bags of screws and a rear I/O panel) plus a bundle of power wires and a red SATA cable. The case on the right contains four wheels that you are able to mount to the bottom of the case so you may move it easy.


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