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Ultra Grid Mid Tower Case



So is this Grid good enough to give you the ability to help you achieve a higher throughput? Ultra seems to have put a lot of time developing this case, most of the major questions about cases have been addressed, (expandability, ease of installation, construction and aesthetics) but there were a couple things I feel Ultra overlooked. The CPU air duct is not useable with many after market heat sinks, the actual vent hole is a little too high and to the left. The vent which is supposed to supply the video card with some extra outside air also seems a little to low.

As per noise, if you are not using the CPU duct attachment, then it’s just about as loud as other cases on the market today. Before I removed it totally, there was a loud hum coming from the case. Quite possibly because I had to take half of the tube off and once it was removed, the hum disappeared and the noise became very bearable, enough that at night with nothing on I was able to sleep in the room that stored the computer. For air circulation, the inside case temperature was only one degree Celsius higher than my room temperature, the two 120 mm fans move a lot of air, in a 24 hour period you already can see a small amount of dust building up on the mesh of the front bezel. I do like that the front bezel door has an opening so I can use my CDROM without opening it. It’s also nice not to have to see all the external drive bays.

As I stated earlier in the review I don’t prefer to use a case that includes a PSU but after testing the unit that comes with the case I might change my mind. I have never liked modular power supplies but I’m beginning to see things differently, it was nice to have the option to use what I needed and not have to hide so many wires. Airflow is another plus and not having unwanted wires inside my case was a nice change. This PSU is not some knock-off of a well known PSU, this is a quality unit that can be purchased seperately.Testing the PSU has proven that even though included with the case Ultra is not going to give you a “Watered down version of the regular beer.” Overall, I am impressed.


  • Acrylic Panel
  • Stand Alone PSU Included
  • Tool Less
  • Good Air Flow
  • Front Bezel with CDROM Access
  • Sturdy
  • High Gloss Paint (Looks Wet)


  • Little Heavier than I Prefer
  • Can be Loud with Air-Duct
  • Air-Duct and Video Vent not Placed Well

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued
  3. Closer Look Continued (The Case)
  4. Closer Look Continued (Working Components)
  5. Closer Look Continued (Power Supply)
  6. Installation
  7. Specifications
  8. Testing
  9. Testing (Power Supply)
  10. Conclusion
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