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Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric Cpu Cooler



    I will compare the Ultra Chill-TEC Cooler to the Thermalright XP90. All temperatures will be in Celsius and at a room temperature of 24 C. The tests will be conducted at idle and 100% load and I will use prime 95 to achieve the 100 % load on the CPU. In the first set of graphs, I will use the temperature as read on the display. My second set of graphs will be conducted with a probe. All XP 90 temperatures are performed with a probe.

Testing Setup:

  • AMD 64 3700+ SanDiego
  • MSI K8N Neo 4 Platinum
  • OCZ Platinum Rev. 2 DDR (2 x 512)
  • Ultra Chill-TEC Cooler
  • Thermalright XP 90
  • XFX 7600 GT XXX
  • Ultra 700W XVS
  • Maxtor 200 GB Diamond Max SATA 1.5
  • Memorex 52 x 32 x 52 CD/RW
  • Windows Media Center SP2

If I had to go just by the temperatures on the control panel I could say that the Chill-TEC cooler is doing a good job cooling down the CPU. However, comparing apples to apples with the probe, the Chill-TEC Cooler didn’t do much better than the XP90.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued (Components)
  3. Closer Look & Installation
  4. Installation Continued
  5. Specifications and Functions
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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