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Ultra Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler Review

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The installation of the Ultra Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler will be very simple for those of you who have built a computer before, and should be pretty easy for the rest of the people out there. To begin, take either a new hard drive or one that you have taken out of your computer and lay it flat in the drive cooler. I looked closely at the diagrams and concluded that the back of the hard drive was meant to line up with the side of the cooler that has the two heatpipes that are closer together. My particular hard drive, a Western Digital Caviar, pushed the top plate up, which made me have to put some force on the bottom of the drive for the screws to line up correctly. As with most other things, it is probably best if you put the screws into the drive in a cross pattern. When you are done, you should see the top plate resting securely on the top of the hard drive.




The next step is to secure the damper screws into the drive. These just screw into the holes provided in the drive. There are two heights provided, so whichever type of case you have, it should be able to easily fit.



All that is left to be done is to secure the hard drive and cooler into the case. For my Antec Sonata II, I had to use the included rails that allow the drive to slide in. I was a little disappointed that I had to use a little more than one of my 5.25" bays for the cooler to fit well. If I had used the other set of holes, the top of the cooler would have been rubbing against my DVD burner and the other set of holes protruded into the bay beneath it. Part of this is probably caused because of the additional height that my hard drive gave to the top piece. In the picture below, I took off the drive bay covers so you could see a picture of how the drive looks when installed. The drive fits far enough in that you can replace the drive bay covers when you are finished.



Let's take a look at just how well the Ultra Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler performs.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Installation
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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