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Ultra Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler Review

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Closer Look:

Opening the case reveals the cooler and accessories enclosed in a nice foam protective case. The instructions and registration card are found above the top foam piece.








The included accessories are four damper screws, which allow the cooler to fill out the 5.25" bay and also are there to help reduce vibrations that all hard drives make. As such, the cooler should not only help reduce the temperature of the drive, but also how much we hear the drive. In addition, four long screws and four mounting screws are provided, along with a short ground cable so you won't toast your data in a small power surge.



Now on to the bread and butter, the actual Ultra Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler. The cooler has a nice blue hue to it and has many fins along the top plate of the cooler. Also, the heatpipes that go across the cooler are on both sides, allowing for thermal transfer between the two sides themselves. Finally, if you look closely at the screws holding the top plate down, you can see small springs. These springs are there to ensure that the top plate of the cooler makes firm contact with the top of the drive once it is installed.


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