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Turtle Beach Ear Force X-52 PC Gaming Headphones Review

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Closer Look:

Unpacking the rest of contents, we have (from left to right) a 6.35mm-3.5mm stereo jack adaptor, a mic terminated with a 3.5mm stereo jack, a stereo adaptor cable for the headset, and a 5.1 + mic cable with inline volume controls.





Now, does the volume control look familiar to you? Maybe not, but it's exactly the same one used on the Medusa 5.1 headsets! How strange, and how truly awful if this headset is just a Medusa 5.1 in disguise.


All my ears are belong to Turtle Beach. And I have boxes of ears, hundreds of them; lucky Turtle Beach, they could make ear soup or something.


A two-sided printed guide explains what all the cables/adaptors are for, and how to connect to a PC, portable audio device, or home audio equipment.



The PC soundcard cable is very straightforward, maintaining the color-coding of green for the main left+right channels, black for rear left+right, orange for centre/subwoofer, and pink for mic. They are also labeled in case you are not familiar with the color-coding standard for PC audio ports.


So any extras in the package? Yup. A drawstring carrying bag to store the headset and accessories in when travelling.



Most full-size headphones are quite cumbersome when you want to take them on journeys/holidays or to LAN parties, etc. Those that fold normally only do so to reduce the size and are still susceptible to damage in transport. The Ear Force X-52 headset has a cool folding feature in that it reduces the size a lot, but the headband also becomes a protective ribcage of sorts. First you adjust the headband to the biggest size.


Then you can rotate one of the earcups 90° at the point where the headband slides up/down, and then fold the earcup up so that it lays inside the headband.



Once you've done that, you can repeat this action for the other earcup and you end up with a compact shape that sort of resembles a keg of beer with a set of guard rails around it. This is one of the best folding designs I've ever seen and looks quite sturdy.



The microphone is detachable so you can take it off for any reason, whether that be just to get it out of the way, for transit, or so you can use them as headphones and not look like an idiot. The neck of the microphone is very flexible and maintains the shape you last bended it to. Attaching the microphone is as simple as connecting a set of headphones to an MP3 player.



So that's the headset end of things. It's time to move onto the other end and hook it up to the computer!


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  8. Conclusion
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