ThermalTake Geforce4 Copper Cooler Review

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Reviewed on: May 31, 2002
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ThermalTake (TT) has a new chipset cooler out, called the GeForce 4 "Highest Performance cooler" and it's designed for the Nvidia Geforce4 Ti series video cards. Along with the cooler, you get memory heatsinks to keep your memory cooler. The TT GeForce 4 "Highest Performance cooler" is suppose to keep your Geforce4 video card cooler than the stock cooling that was found on your card when you bought it. The Geforce4 video cards doesn't come stock with memory heatsinks, or atleast I know that my MSI Geforce 4 ti 4600 card didn't. With that being said, one would think if you did install these memory heatsinks, along with the GeForce 4 "Highest Performance cooler" that we have here, you would be able to overclock your video card more than you could before installing this cooler and memory heatsinks. Do they really help cool and allow you to overclock more, or are they just something pretty to put on your card? Well, read on and we will see!


  • Application for NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4200,Ti4400,Ti4600
  • Dow corning T-340 thermal grease interface material
  • 68x60x12.8 mm
  • Push pin easy to install
  • 3 pin fan connector

    What you get

  • GF4 Cooler
  • (4) RAM Heatsinks (The two smaller ones go on the back of the video card)
  • Thermal grease
  • Some double stick tape stuff :)

    Here is a picture of what you get.


    The installation of the GF4 cooler and the memory heatsinks were very easy. The first thing you have to do is take off your old GF4 cooler that came on your video card. Here is my video card and the stock cooler that was on it.

    It's a fairly nice cooler but its just aluminum, while the ThermalTake GF4 cooler is copper. There are two little hooks on the other side of the video card that need to be pinched. Once you have them pinched, the cooler should pop off with a little force. Once you get it off, you should get something to clean the old thermal grease off with. Don't use water or any liquids, a paper towel should work fine.

    Once you get all of that goop off, you can spread some of the provided thermal grease or do what I did, spread some AS2 on it. I didn't have any AS3 or NanoTherm so I just went with AS2. Once you get that on, we will be able to install the new TT GF4 cooler. I went ahead and installed the memory heatsinks on this side. Doing this is also very simple. Included in the kit, you will get some double sided tape stuff. The easiest way to put these on, is to first take the protective strip off one side and stick that side to the bottom of a heatsink.

    Then, peel the other protective strip off the other side. Below is a picture of what it looks like, once this is done.

    Just do this to both ends of the heatsink, then stick it to the RAM on your Geforce 4.

    The next thing I did was mount the TT GF4 cooler. This is the easiest part of the installation. All you do is line up the two little pegs with the two holes on the board, then push them in with a little force. The pegs should snap right in, and you will be able to see that when you look at the back of the videocard.

    The last thing I did was install the smaller heatsinks on the RAM in the back of the videocard. Here is what that looks like:


    I guess one of the biggest reasons you would want to buy this Geforce 4 cooler is hoping that you will be able to overclock your videocard more since this cooler is suppose to keep your card cooler. I did a comparison of the stock cooler and the ThermalTake Geforce 4 cooler. I tested to see how high I could overclock the core and the memory, and it be stable without any artifacts. Then I took the highest overclock I could get with the stock cooler and with the TT GF4 cooler and ran a 3Dmark2001SE benchmark. While I was running the benchmark I recorded the "load" temperature via a thermal probe that I placed under each cooler. To get the idle temperature of the two coolers I allowed the system to idle in windows for 10mins.

    Test System:
  • Abit KR7A133-RAID
  • Athlon XP 2100+
  • Samsung PC-2700 DDR Memory CAS-2
  • MSI Geforce 4 ti 4600
  • SB Audigy Gamer
  • Windows XP Operating System
  • Default settings in 3dmark (1024x768x32) No FSAA


    The cooler and ram heatsinks were very easy to install. The cooler did in fact lower the temps at idle and under load. The idle temp wasn't lowered by much but hey, who keeps there video card at idle :) I think the cooler along with the ram heatsinks, look very cool installed! The bottom of the cooler wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, but I have seen worse. The kit came with no instructions at all, but it was fairly easy to figure out without instructions. If you plan on overclocking your Geforce 4 Ti series videocard, then I recommend getting one of these coolers. If you don't plan on overclocking don't waste your money, unless you want it for the looks :)

    We would like to thank for providing us this cooler to review!