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Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Review

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All in all, this case is not a bad case at all. It stood right with the competition in three out of four of the tests. Not only that, but compared to the similarly priced NZXT Gamma, the V3 sported more features - including an external 3.5" bay, rear LED fan, and the small window on the side panel.  Like the Gamma, the V3 is all black. It is interesting that the specifications mention no water cooling support and yet there appear to be holes in the rear of the case to accommodate this. If you would happen to plan to go with water cooling on this case, you'll need some grommets for the tubes to run to the outside, as the case did not come with any. Of course, some costs have to be cut when you have a case at a price like this and though it has capability for up to five fans total (six if you were to modify the side panel to accept a fan), it would be nice if at least two fans were included in the package. Additionally, like the NZXT case, there is an included PSU fan filter if you so choose to mount the PSU so the fan faces it.  Despite this beneficial filter, it is unfortunate that you can't remove and clean it without having to remove the PSU. It's great to see that manufacturers are putting a large hole in the motherboard tray, because its way too much of a hassle to have to remove the motherboard in order to change heatsinks or install a waterblock. There were some issues with wire management, since the layout of the case does not make it easy to hide wires where I usually would - behind the harddrives - since it is forward mounted in this case. However, this design is better since it allows air to easily pass over the hard drives without any obstruction. There aren't too many bad things about this case and the good far out weigh the bad. The V3 is a feature packed case for $49 and leaves you with that much more money left over to spend on what matters most in any build - the hardware.



  • All black
  • PSU fan filter
  • Small side window
  • Lightweight but solid construction
  • Front fan filters
  • Watercooling capable, despite not being outrightly labeled as such
  • Backplate access to heatsink
  • Price



  • Can't really hide wires that well because of case layout
  • Having a large heatsink in push-pull limits you to one fan on top panel
  • Only comes with one fan, although it is capable of five.


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