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ThermalTake Element T Review

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So we finally bring this review to a conclusion and, oh what a case. It may lack a few features that I personally would have liked to have seen, but this case costs $79.99. Sure, it could have some better wire management features and could have had more fans, but honestly - with this level of performance, you do seem to be getting a lot for your money. All-in-all, you could probably add in the missing fans for cheap and gain that much more in terms of performance anyway, but it would have been nice to have had them already there. Of course performance wasn't as great as the G, but it was pretty close and this could definately be attributed to the fact that there aren't as many fans, particularly in the case of the HDD, GPU, and Chipset temperatures, which were considerably higher due to the fact there was no fan moving air over any of these components. Instead, they were left to be passively cooled by the air being pulled in by the exhaust fans. Depsite its downfalls in the wire management and lack of fans compared to the rest ot the Element series, the T appears to be a decent entry-level performer with the ability to be as good as the rest with a small upgrade involving a 200mm side intake and either dual 120mm front intakes, or a 200mm front intake fan.



  • Cost effective entry-level case
  • Good performance for the price
  • Still has decent amount of space for harddrives
  • Ability to remove a heasink without removing the motherboard



  • No real wire management capability
  • Lack of Fans


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  4. Specifications and Features
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  6. Conclusion
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