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Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Case


Installation :

Liquid Cooling System:

Setting up the liquid cooling system was at times a little frustrating, since my fingers are fairly large and it was hard to get the screws in the slots so I could attach the system to the case.

The tubing was easily cut with some scissors and all that was needed to do was to place it over the inputs and tighten the nuts over them. The tubing fit perfectly over the inputs and there were no gaps to worry about. Once all the tubing was attached, I hooked the pump to the radiator and connected the pumps wiring. Then, with my trusty cable ties, I attached the radiator tubing to the motherboard tray.

Filling the reservoir is as easy as removing the top cap. The reservoir was filled to the 'high' line and I turned the computer on to flow the fluid through the system. In total it took 600cc to fill.




I ran the system for 10 minutes to assure there were no leaks, shut it down and attached all my peripherals and cards. Finally the job was complete. I haven’t used a liquid cooled system in quite a long time, so I was eager to see how it performed.

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