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Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Case



        Are you ready to get the maximum performance out of your system without having to purchase every water cooling component separately? If yes, then the Thermaltake Kandalf LCS is a must have. Unlike other liquid cooled cases the Kandalf houses it’s radiator on the front bezel door keeping the heat of the radiator outside so there is no heat transference from the radiator causing a higher ambient temperature inside the case. By having the radiator on the outside in a vertical position the heat is actually forced up and down away from the case still allowing the three 120mm fans to send cool air inside. Inside the case are also three additional fans, the rear 120mm fan which is used for exhaust, the 90mm blowhole fan which exhausts heat through the top of the case and a 90mm fan above the rear 120mm exhaust fan which cools your hard drives if you choose to top mount them but also increases airflow inside the case.

For those of you wondering yes I did test the case on total air just out of curiosity, the heatsink and fan used were stock AMD. Although I did not test the system overclocked my idle temperature was 35 degrees Celsius and load temperature was 47 degrees Celsius, with a 15 degrees difference in idle alone I cannot see a reason for me to revert back to air cooling again.

One of my major concerns about the case being that it does have many large fans was noise; incredibly this system is quiet to my standard. It produces a low level whoosh which is actually kind of pleasant. I’ve found that most cases produce a rather unpleasant hum which is usually loud enough to keep my awake at night.

The supplied pump has a 500/L per hour flow rating when first started it produced a sucking sound until the liquid coolant circulated through the system from there on the pump is virtually noiseless.

This case is not for the weak, at forty-eight pounds fully loaded it’s quite a chore to move around, your wife will probably scream at you when she cleans the house.

The Thermaltake Kandalf LCS is a quiet, liquid cooled, aluminum, stylish and strong enough to protect those components that you spent your hard earned money on, weather you want to spend the time it takes to research separate components to build your own or you want an all in one liquid cooled system the Kandalf has it all covered.



  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Great Air Flow
  • Liquid Cooled
  • Side Mounted PSU creates more room for components
  • Tool Less Installation
  • Everything Included


  • Weight, when components are installed


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