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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse Review

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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

In the end the Tt eSPORTS Theron was just a different mouse out on its own. I honestly gave it a bit more time of use than most reviews get trying to give it a second chance. I really didn't like the mouse out of the box and it was very slow to grow on me – ultimately I never really liked it. That however doesn’t mean YOU, the reader, can't or won't like this mouse. For me the shape of the mouse was just too straight. You can laugh all you want, but when your hand does not want your click fingers exactly parallel it's hard to get used to.

The quality of the mouse was also a bit of a disappointment. No it wasn't quite your Microsoft freebie, but for having the Tt eSPORTS branding I was expecting a little more for the feel of it. It doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart as I move it around, but the rubber coating feels like the thing to pick and flake as time and use take its toll on it. Not that other mice don't have problems with time and use; this particular coating just has "that" feel.

The inability to change lighting in an "upgraded" version of the mouse that could change colors is quite disappointing. Why take away one feature to add another? In this case I will agree that cost factored into that very well. The Theron IR is about $10 cheaper than the original Theron (at least looking at MSRP), but that’s not a fight worth going in to.

In my honest opinion I just can't find anything special about this mouse that really brings it home for the cost. No it's not super expensive, but where is the bonus? Even the really cheap end mice have forward and back buttons with the ability to create a macro on a random extra button. Most come with software (good and bad) that can change DPI settings, and polling rate just the same. Many of them can even change color and for a much lesser price. I just don't see the bonus in this mouse that makes me jump up to buy it. If you already have a mouse with forward and back buttons, and the ability to change sensitivity, hold on to your pennies; this isn't the upgrade you're waiting for. It's not a horrid mouse, it's just not really anything out of the ordinary unless you want to say you use the same mouse as some professional gamer who was paid to use it…



  • On-the-fly DPI, polling rate, and profile selection (even without having the software open)
  • Variable weight – can be lighter if you like



  • Feels a little cheap for the Tt eSPORTS label – rubber coating feels thin and not so durable
  • Stuck with RED lighting – can turn it off, but almost looks broken with it off
  • Original Theron is almost the same price AND it changes color!
  • Body shape takes some getting used to, if you can get used to it. It's too symmetrical!


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