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Makaveli - 2007-04-29 18:36:46 in Software
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Reviewed on: April 30, 2007
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Most people that I’ve talked to cannot stand this program. The worst attribute about the program is that you must use it if you want to use the company’s product.  Given these vague details, does any particular program stick out in your mind? The program that I’m talking about is iTunes. Apple’s iTunes isn’t the easiest program to learn. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent trying to figure out just how to transfer my music to my iPod with the click of a button. Most of the time, I end up restarting iTunes so that it auto-updates and I don’t have to find out how to sync my music. Avanquest has released a new iTunes add on called “TransferMy Music”. Now that sounds easy! Let’s dig in and see just how this program affects my relationship with iTunes.

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Closer Look:

The box is very colorful, professional, and gives you a visual idea about what you are about to experience.


Included is a 70-page manual, the installation CD, and a little note for Windows Vista users.


To correctly install this program, I unplugged my iPod just to ensure nothing would get corrupted. Insert the installation CD and follow the on screen instructions to completely install the TransferMy Music program.


When I first double-clicked the icon to open TransferMy Music, I got a bit of a shock. I saw the screen below and I freaked out about losing 14.75 GB of music to this program. I made sure I selected “Temporarily disable iTunes ability to detect your iPod”.

The next thing you must do is enter in your serial number provided on the back of the CD case.

The program opens iTunes when it starts up and detects if you have auto-update on or not. I always do, so it asks me to hold the Shift + Ctrl keys when I connect my iPod. My iPod wasn’t connected, so I pressed “Ok” because I wanted to see the program before I connected my iPod. I was shot back at with the error displayed on the right screenshot.  I’m not very ecstatic about the iPod having to be fully charged because when I’m on-the-go my iPod is rarely fully charged.


If you get this error, connect your iPod and hold the Shift + Ctrl keys and everything should work. The screenshot below displays the program when you first open it. It is displaying all of the information about my iPod.

You can easily see your music list when you clicked the respective tab on the left-hand side. I like the filters on the top for artist, song, and album because it makes it very easy to navigate to find the songs I need to change.

The next tab is “Playlist Transfer” which shows all of your playlists. To transfer the playlists to iTunes, all you have to do is select the desired playlist(s) and click the “Transfer Playlists” on the upper left-hand tool bar, which I highlighted in red.

The “Text Library” tab is where you can make notes or contacts to be stored on your iPod. Too add a note, click “Add” on the upper left-hand tool bar and type in your message, select category, and save.



The next tab is probably my favorite option; “Transfer Songs from iPod”. Whenever I reformat, it’s always a pain to go through and unhide the iPod and then download all the songs with decrypted names. I always had to listen to each song and change the title. All you do is select which songs you want on your computer and then click “Transfer Songs” on the upper left-hand menu and then specify the location where you want the songs; piece of cake.

The last tab is “Update iTunes Information” which is where the user can change the rating of the song, play count, and last played date.  After you have seen all the tabs under “iPod Information” you can really get a feel for what this program is capable of. The black help bar on the top really helps because it tells you exactly what needs to happen in order to complete the action you want to execute.

Above “iPod Information” you’ll see the next category we are going to look into; “My Information”.  All of the tabs under this section are in association with Microsoft Outlook.  You can link your email, contacts, tasks, and calendar to replicate onto your iPod.  

The last category is “Internet Information”. Here you can add anything you want to your iPod, including driving directions, podcasts, daily horoscopes, and weather forecasts.  I was disappointed that they didn’t have a section for games because I can’t tell you how sick I am of solitaire on the iPod. The screenshot on the right displays a portion of the plugins that you can load onto your iPod.


You can schedule when you’d like your iPod to sync, which is a very nice feature. You can also customize which alerts you would like to see and where your iPod data is stored.  

Now that you’ve seen the basics for this program, you’ll be ready to customize your iPod the way you want!



Test System:

When I first received this program, I thought for sure that I could compare transfer speeds between it and iTunes. But after using the program for a few weeks, I realized that this program is to be used in conjunction with iTunes. It is basically an add-on to iTunes. I’m fine with that because it is definitely nice to be allowed to have some customizability on your iPod as well as an easier way to get things on and off your iPod. I did add a few of my dad’s albums to my collection and it was a breeze. Even easier than that was getting music from my iPod onto my computer. I also added some notes and weather forecasts. Everything I had in store for this program was completed flawlessly.


I am very impressed with this program for many reasons. I really like the ability to transfer music from your iPod onto your computer, organize your music efficiently, and the ability to add plugins to your iPod. I never knew you could add so many things to your iPod to truly make it more than a music player. The user interface is very easy to use and the program is visually simple, so it’s not hard to learn how to use it.  The warnings are a bit scary at first, but if you follow the instructions, you’ll be fine.This is yet another great program from Avanquest that is worth checking out.