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Transcend StoreJet 25M3 1 TB External USB 3.0 HDD Review

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Transcend StoreJet 25M3 Closer Look: Software

The main highlight of the software suite included with the Transcend StoreJet 25M3 drive is the Transcend Elite data management software. Designed to be a one-stop solution for your backup needs, it features OneTouch backup, drive encryption, simple restore, bookmark sync, and backup management. The overall look of the software is clean but functional and leaves nothing to ambiguity for the most part. Backup tasks are easily created and give the option of compressing backups, password protecting backups, and even enabling real-time backups. The intriguing part of the real-time backup is that you can target a folder (or a whole drive) and the software will automatically keep a rolling backup of that folder on the external drive (provided you keep it plugged in and the software running). Backups can be run on a schedule as well to keep you from forgetting to manually backup your data.

















Also included on the StoreJet 25M3 is a copy of Transcend RecoveRx. This software is simple but useful – it automatically discovers all photos (deleted or not) on any drive on your machine. I did a quick test by adding a few photos to the StoreJet 25M3 and then deleting them. RecoveRx was able to find all of them and restore them quite quickly. The only catch here is that if you delete the files you want and then write large amounts of data to the disk you may not be able to recover all of your photos (though this is true of any deleted files). This easy solution to recovering deleted files is surely useful for those of us who tend to over-zealously delete unused files.


While most of my experiences with the Transcend Elite software were pleasant, I did have a few hiccups. The first bump in the road happened when I tried to use the non-compressed backup task on my main boot drive. While the backup started as normal; it stopped whenever there was a permissions change on the files included in the backup. Because I ran this on a live file system there wasn't much I could do to avoid that issue (and I also managed to crash the program by trying to move the "please wait" window). The standard non-compressed backup did run properly on all non-system drives (and on individual folders on my boot drive). I also crashed the backup application when again trying to move the "please wait" window after completing a full compressed backup of my entire system. The last little annoyance was that if you modify your backup tasks the Restore option does not recognize any previous backups. While annoying, this isn't a show-stopper since you can manually find the backups on the drive and restore them quite easily.



Overall the Transcend Elite software as well as the RecoveRx software performed quite well. While not quite as robust as the automated backup software included with Windows 7 and 8 it was much easier to set up and allowed for simple one-touch backups to sync your most important files. Speed-wise the software was comparable to Windows Backup when performing non-compressed backups and it was quite a bit slower when performing compressed backups. Internally it uses 7zip compression, which, although very efficient, is not incredibly fast. Expect backup speeds in the 7-12 MB/s range when performing compressed backups depending on the actual data you're compressing.

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