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NaturalPoint TrackIR 4 PRO & TrackClip PRO Review



TrackIR 4 PRO-
  • Wider 46° Field of View
  • Hyper Fast 120 FPS Sample Rate
  • Smaller Sleeker Design
  • Resolution Doubling Technology
  • Vector Technology

TrackClip PRO-
  • Active LEDs for precise tracking
  • USB power tap, with USB pass through
  • Ultra light weight
  • 2 position headset clip (fits over-the-ear style headsets)


Test System (All Stock)

  • ASUS P5N32-SLi SE Deluxe Motherboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Processor
  • eVGA 7950GT KO Video Card
  • OCZ Gold 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR2 800 Memory
  • Audigy 2 Sound Card
  • XG Vortec 600watt Power Supply
  • Western Digital 250GB IDE Hard Drive
  • Western Digital 160GB SATA 3.0GB/s Hard Drive
  • Seagate 80GB IDE Hard Drive
  • Windows XP Media Center 2005
  • SilverStone TJ-06 Black with Window
  • eMachines 17" CRT Monitor

To test these devices, I downloaded 2 different game demos from the NaturalPoint site. Aces High II (Flight) and GTR 2 (Racing). NaturalPoint recommends that you use these products in dim light to ensure efficient readings. I decided to run all the tests in the dark so that interference would not be an issue. I also ran the quick game option for each game. Here are the results from GTR 2.

The first image was when I was completely still and centered. The second image is when I leaned forward as far as I could go.

After playing around with these devices for hours, I finally got the hang of using them. I was disappointed that you could not control the steering wheel when you turned your head but it was still fun to use. Concluding the racing test, I decided that it helped to use the TrackIR & TrackClip while racing because it gave me the opportunity to look out my windows while taking turns to see who was catching up to me. In PC games, I never really liked to use the in-car view but after using these devices, I've started warming up to using that view.

Next, I ran Aces High II, which is a World War II flying game.

After I ran this test, I knew instantly that these devices are almost imperative to have for flight games. They truly made the flying experience much easier. Without these devices, you couldn’t move around the cockpit to see your blind spots unless you turned the plane around. With these devices, you can simply look where you would if you were actually in the plane.

I wanted to see what would happen when I had the TrackIR software running while playing a game that wasn’t on the supported list. This game was Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Nothing happened when I was moving my head in the game but later, I found in a link in the TrackIR folder called “Mouse Emulation”. I clicked it and it was what I wanted. I was able to control the mouse with these two devices flawlessly. I still couldn’t control the steering...

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Testing
  5. Conclusion
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