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NaturalPoint TrackIR 4 PRO & TrackClip PRO Review



First, let’s install the TrackClip onto my headset.

The TrackClip connector pops open and then you install it on the left side of the headset. It is NOT compatible with the right side of the headset. Once the headset is in between the padding of the TrackClip connector, snap the connector together to securely fasten the TrackClip to the headset.

Both devices are connected via USB. The good thing is that the TrackClip has a USB port for the TrackIR to plug into. After the TrackIR is plugged into the TrackClip, you simply plug the one USB cable to a free USB port.

After you have the TrackClip installed, set the TrackIR on top of your monitor. If you’re using a LCD monitor, bend the feet of the TrackIR to grip the top of your monitor. NaturalPoint suggests that you place the TrackIR on the left side of your monitor so that it can communicate with the TrackClip more efficiently. The green light on the TrackIR tells you that it’s tracking. The blue light on the TrackIR turns on when you’re playing a game that is compatible with the TrackIR. When the TrackIR is disabled, the top light will be red. The four red lights are for centering purposes when you first hook up the TrackIR.

Now that the hardware is installed, let’s install the software.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Testing
  5. Conclusion
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