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Titan TTC-NK95TZ Entertainer Review



The Titan Entertainer has definitely impressed me while conducting this review. I was slightly skeptical at first due to its size, the poorly machined base, and the slight gapping between the aluminum contact plate and the heatpipes, but after testing the Entertainer, I will admit I almost didn't think the temperatures that I was seeing were correct. It idled and loaded under stock conditions at nearly the same as the Cooler Master Hyper N620, which has to be at least twice its size and boasts and extra fan. To be sure, I actually retested the N620 to make sure it didn't read any different that it did originally, and it did not. My actual reaction was almost along the lines of "Woah." The only place that the Entertainer fell short was the overclocked load, where it fell behind. This is most likely due the the smaller size of the cooler that can't handle the more wattage put out by the overclocked processor. Overall, valued at a target price of $34.99, the Titan Entertainer would be a great choice where space is limited or even in a regular desktop scenario where cooler temperatures are desired but overclocking on a high wattage processor may not be.



  • Low profile ideal for HTPC or mATX cases
  • Great performance for its size
  • Afforable price



  • Does not overclock well
  • Base finish could still use some improvement
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