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TITAN Taichi TP-15TC & TP-25TC 2-in-1 USB Charger Review

Wesstron    -   August 12, 2013
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TITAN Taichi TP-15TC & TP-25TC 2-in-1 USB Charger Conclusion:

In terms of functionality, both SKUs performed flawlessly. Charging multiple devices simultaneously is a welcome feature in any car, especially with kids around! The 2.4A rated USB ports will accommodate higher end devices that are more and more common these days. Using the TITAN Taichi TP-25TC 2-in-1 USB Charger, I had a GPS, two Samsung Galaxy Notes, and a Samsung Galaxy S3 plugged in at the same time without any issues. 

The car tester functionality is a neat feature that will "enlighten" you about the condition of the battery before and after ignition. I'm in no way an automotive expert but I was able to figure that the battery was OK since the lights were on all the way to the green LED in both situations. A red light only before turning the car on means the battery is weak and needs charging. If the situation persists after ignition, it indicates that the alternator isn't producing enough current to charge the battery.

The TITAN Taichi TP-15TC & TP-25TC 2-in-1 USB Charger are solidly built devices with a unique and appealing design. The YinYang theme depicts the duality approach that TITAN adopted with these adapters. Two types of output ratings for the USB ports and extra functionality as a car battery tester are the results. The units do not feel flimsy or cheap; they fit spot on in the power port of our car and pulling USB cables away never resulted on the whole thing coming off, as it used to happen with the generic charger I have been using so far. The cooling vent on the white side is a nice touch that will improve the longevity of the device.



  • Solid build
  • Unique looks
  • 1A & 2.4A output
  • Car battery testing functionality
  • Price



  • Bright red light
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