Titan Master USB Fan Review

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Reviewed on: December 4, 2013
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Titan Master USB Fan Introduction:

Titan started out in 1989 under the name of Sogic Computer Co., Ltd and in 1992 the name was changed to Titan Computer Co., Ltd. and over the years they have built an impressive line of accessory coolers, CPU coolers, and fans. There is even an IP55-rated dust-proof and waterproof fan!

Today we have the TTC-NF01TZ/BB USB fan in blue. This is a new product for Titan, and when you think of computer fans, you usually think of case fans. Well, this one is for the computer user. How many times do you sit down in front of your computer and wish you had a nice refreshing breeze to liven things up? Well, now you can.

Titan Master USB Fan Closer Look:

First, let's look at the box. Up front we have a nice color graphic of the fan and a clear window so you can actually see it, and below the window are some of the features listed. Some of the translations to English are a bit awkwardly worded, but you can easily figure out the meaning. On the rear of the box are the features listed in eight more languages and also a specification list. On top there is the Titan logo with the product name in larger text and a small picture of the fan.












One side of the box shows some of the features in more detail and the other side has the clear window wraparound so you can see the side of the fan. The background graphic shows the fan on an office desk.



Inside the box there is not a lot of packing. In fact, there is no packing. But the fan has made it through shipping with no problems.


Titan Master USB Fan Closer Look:

Take the fan out of the box and you feel that there is some weight to it. It looks a little top-heavy, like it might be easy to tip over, but it is not. The base is large and heavy enough to keep it firmly planted. The base frame is black anodized aluminum. The rear fan guard is metal while the fan, colored bezel, and front grill are plastic. The blue finish on the bezel is very nice and consistent.















The side view shows how the fan attaches to the base with two long thumb screws that thread into two formed tabs. The bottom two thumb screws secure it firmly to the base. The top thumb screws hold the bezel on. On the bottom there are two thin rubber pads to protect your desk and keep the fan from sliding around. There are also two clips formed in the base that you can wrap the USB cable around for storage. The bold Titan logo stands out on the lower left of the base.



A nice little feature is the pen / pencil holder integrated into the base frame. A perfect way to keep a couple of your favorite writing utensils ready for action.


So, how well does it work? Plug it in and you see the blades spin, but you won't hear them. Well, you have to put your head right next to the fan to hear it. So it is indeed, very quiet. An interesting feature is the rotating fan frame, which pivots at the center. As the frame rotates, the fins disperse the air in many directions. And this is nice because sometimes you don't want the air directly on you, so when the fan frame spins, it spreads the airflow out over a wider area. The hub (blue center piece) can be screwed in or out to vary the resistance on the rotating frame. Screw the hub in and you can stop the frame from rotating. Loosen the hub and the frame begins to rotate - loosen it more and the frame spins faster.

The fan speed itself is constant and can not be adjusted, however the flow of air that this unit puts out is really just about right. Not too much, not too little. I find that a comfortable distance is between two and three feet to get a nice breeze of air.

The USB power cable is 24" long and this might be a little bit of a problem if you don't have a USB port within reach.

Titan Master USB Fan Closer Look:

Remove the bottom two thumb screws and the fan can then be separated from the base. Remove the top two (short) thumb screws and the bezel and rotating fan frame can be separated from the fan. The center hub can also be unscrewed and removed.















The Titan 140mm fan is powered by a USB port and uses 5 volts and draws 0.3 amps. I like the little catch phrase on the label, "Running faster is the system's job. Keeping them cooler is our business."

Titan Master USB Fan Specifications:


Available Color:
Red, Blue, Silver and White
Aluminum Base
180 x 177.6 x 80.5 mm
Net Weight:
8.1kg / 17.8lb
Rated Voltage:
5 volts DC
Rated Current:
0.3 A
Power Consumption:
Rated Speed:
900±10% RPM
36.92 CFM
Static Pressure:
0.02 Inch H2O
Noise Level:
< 15.8dBA
Bearing Type:
Z-Axis Bearing
Life Time:
60,000 Hours



Titan Master USB Fan Features:



Information provided by: "http://www.titan-cd.com/index_e.php"

Titan Master USB Fan Conclusion

For several years I have been using my wife's old desk fan she got during band camp in the 1980's. It was loud, bulky, and horribly inefficient - I am sure it resulted in several pounds of carbon being released into the atmosphere every time I turned it on. But the Titan Master USB Fan firmly plants me in this century. It is whisper quiet, uses little energy, and moves the right amount of air.

I admit I wouldn't mind a power cable that is a little bit longer. Of course, there are USB extension cables available, and many keyboards and even monitors have USB accessory ports. So it is not a big deal.

Regardless, this is certainly an attractive accessory, welcome on top of any desk. Come summertime, this little baby is going to get a workout!