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Titan Cool Idol CPU Cooler Review

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The performance of the Titan CoolIdol CPU Cooler is quite amazing, it was able to beat out both the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme as well as the Cooler Master V8 CPU coolers, even through it was only a few degree difference between the three coolers, a win is still a win when the contest is the lowest temperature obtained. The overall design of the cooler not only looks good but it just screams that it is able to perform well. When I first pulled it out of the packaging, I was quite surprised with the build quality along with the obvious amount of time that was put into the design of the cooler. The dual heatsink design with the larger one above the smaller one sounded like a great idea and obviously worked quite well. The cooler was able to utilize all 6 copper heatpipes which allowed for the most heat to be transfered from the base of the cooler to the fins to be dissipated. The multi-platform design is always a good idea as it will add value and not attempt to single out only one socket type, allowing for more diverse usage of the cooler. The mounting hardware that was used with the CoolIdol was not only a good thing, sure it was sturdy and allowed the cooler to acquire the low temperatures it did but it was a challenge to install the cooler on the motherboard. The whole motherboard needed to be removed to install the cooler, for someone who is going to install the cooler one time and not change it, it is not a big deal, but for someone that is constantly swapping parts it does become a chore. The one downside to a lower temperature than other coolers is that the fan is probably going to be louder, and that is the case with this cooler; the sound was not a loud annoying fan scream, it was more just the air moving fast inside the case. of course manually controlling the fan will reduce this noise and some of the cooling capacity. The fit of the heatsink was fine but with memory modules that features advanced cooling you may have to change the orientation of the CoolIdol or uses different memory slots to make sure there is no interference.

I would suggest this cooler to anyone who is looking for a new cooler for their computer. It does not matter what you are going to using your computer for, if you are at all concerned with the temperature of your processor, this would be a great cooler for you. The added fan controller will help if you are concerned with the quietness of your computer. If you are going to be heavy into overclocking and overvolting your processor, this cooler will work well for you.


  • Performance
  • Overall Design
  • Dual Heatsink Design
  • 6 heatpipes
  • Multi platform Design
  • Copper Base and Heatpipes
  • Sturdy Mounting Hardware
  • Manual Fan controller



  • Mounting Hardware
  • Fan's noise (Max Speed)
  • Tight Fit


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