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WolfKing Timberwolf FPS Gaming Keyboard



As mentioned before, a good keyboard is just as important as a great video card or processor. Without it, your performance will still take a hit. I really liked the layout of the Timberwolf and the simplicity to get it up and running without having to do a lot of setting up or lengthy configuring. The biggest drawback was the lack of USB 2.0 support and the low power output of the integrated USB hub. This was a big letdown because the idea is there, but the support for it isn't. It would be nice to be able to plug in a flash drive or gaming headset and have it run at full USB 2.0 speeds and not crippled as it is on the Timberwolf.

When it came to gaming, this keyboard was a godsend. As you can tell from my response times, my scores increased dramatically. The ability to move and alter my weapon so quickly in-game gave me a big advantage over my opponents. I play Battlefield 2142 frequently and I saw myself go from the top 15 to the top 5 in almost every round I was playing. It didn't matter if I was on foot or in a Battle Walker, I was dominating everywhere I went. For the FPS gamer, a dedicated FPS keyboard like this one is a must, and for the price and ease of use, you would not go wrong by picking up the WolfKing Timberwolf keyboard.



  • Very comfortable during long term use
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Internet Hot Keys for quick browsing
  • Durable and splash resistant
  • Competitively priced among other keyboards in its class



  • Lack of USB 2.0 support on the integrated hub.
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