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Thermolab Micro Silencer Review

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Closer Look:  


When you take the Thermolab Micro Silencer out of its packaging, you are able to see that it is fairly short; it is just a little higher than the stock heatsinks that come with the new Intel 45nm processors. There are two copper heatpipes that connect to the base and run through either side of the heatsink's bank of fins. This is how Thermolab is going to ensure that the heat that is pulled off of the processor and is properly displaced and allows for more heat to be drawn off of the processor. Taking a look at the heatsink from the side, you are able to see that there is very little space between the 43 fins that are built into the heatsink.  









When you take a look at the Thermolab Micro Silencer from the top, you can see that the fan that is attached to the heatsink to cool it as it grabs the heat from the processor covers the entire top. This could prove to be a good concept as it will maximize how much area is cooled. On the bottom of the heatsink, the base is aluminum and is very smooth. Thermolab decided to put some thermal interface material on the base of the heatsink just in case you did not have any. This can be wiped off, though I will use it during my testing to see how well it works.  



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