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ThermoLab Baram 2010 Review

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Since the ThermoLab Baram 2010 did not come with any fans in the package I used two identical 120mm fans that I had on hand, which were two Scythe Slipstream 1900RPM fans which are rated at 110CFM at full speed. The tests will be run both at stock speeds and overclocked at 4.1GHz. First, using only one mounted fan and then again using dual mounted fans. All additional hardware will be run at the same speeds, timings, latencies, and voltages to ensure that no variables will throw off the comparison scores. One item of note is that the CPU would not remain stable enough to complete the load testing with the stock AMD cooling solution so there will be no score for it in the overclocked results. To monitor the temperatures I used the AMD Overdrive utility which shows the temperatures from the sensors in the CPU. To simulate the load I ran Prime95 for 30 minutes then took the temperature. For the idle temperatures the system sat at the desktop with nothing running for 30 minutes.




Testing Setup AMD Six Core:


Comparison Heat sinks:







With the one fan attached the Baram 2010 performed better than the Thermaltake and stock AMD coolers. When the second fan was added in a push pull design it showed its true colors doing what it was designed for.

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