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Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler Review

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The performance of the Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler was within 2 degrees Celsius of the vaunted TRUE when under load. When you add a second fan, however, you are going to see the exact same performance from the Baram as you do from the TRUE, pretty stout for any competitor considering the TRUE seems to be the standard all coolers are measured against. I really liked the overall layout of the Baram cooler, it uses the towering style of cooler that somewhat looks like the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, however uses copper heatpipes. Thermolab decided to throw 5 total heatpipes on this cooler, which go from the base of the cooler all the way through the large fin array in a way that they are not too close together, allowing for the heat to be evenly dissipated from them to the surrounding fins. The mounting hardware of the Thermolab Baram cooler is both a positive and a negative aspect to the cooler depending on your point of view; sure it is very sturdy and is not going to fail and fall off of your processor, however it does make it a pain in the butt to get on. To install the Baram cooler, you have to remove the motherboard from the chassis and bolt it on from behind the motherboard, which for the average user would not be a problem, but for someone like me who changes their hardware and cooling solutions all the time, it can be a pain. The other complaint that I have with the Baram cooler is that there were no fans included with it, which can prove to be a pain if you do not have any extras laying around, but is nice as well as you can pick up which ever fan you want, allowing you to choose between high performance and low sound levels. The Multi platform design is always a good idea, making the cooler more valuable to people who upgrade their system and may want to use it on their next build, even if it's not the same socket. 

Overall, I liked the Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler. If you are looking for a good looking cooling solution for your processor and you do not want to spend a whole lot of money on a cooler, this one depending on the price when released could prove to be your best friend. The cooler was able to out perform some of the other coolers that are out there and even ended up equaling the load temperatures delivered by the TRUE, which if you have not figured it out by now has a big target on it with each manufacturer building a similar product.Some of them are getting close to that mark and beating it. The total spread between the overclocked load temperatures is just 7 degrees Celsius, not a big margin but enough to differentiate the performance and allow price to become a determining factor. I would definitely look at the Baram as a viable option to the larger coolers in this class. It delivers excellent performance in a really crowded segment.



  • Performance
  • 250 Watts Worth of Capacity
  • 5 Heatpipes
  • Multi Platform Design
  • Copper Base and Heatpipes
  • Sturdy Mounting Hardware
  • Fin Layout
  • Fan Choice



  • Mounting Hardware
  • No Fan Included


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