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Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler Review

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Closer Look:

The Thermolab Baram CPU Cooler is a tower style cooler, with the heatpipes coming off of the base and going straight up with the fins connecting all of the heatpipes. This style of CPU cooler has proven to work very well by other coolers out on the market. There are fifty four fins that make up the large fin array connecting all of the heatpipes, these fins as you can see are not all straight, they do criss cross, making an elongated "x" shape. This positioning of the fins is going to do two different things to the performance of the cooler. First, it is going to increase the surface area that the passing through air is going to be able to come into contatct with. The second thing that this design is going to do is allow more space for the air to pass through, allowing for a less powerful fan to push air through the fins as it is not a tight space. There are five different heatpipes that come out of the base of the cooler and travel upwards towards the top of the cooler, dumping off the heat to the fins as it makes its journey towards the top. The shape of the fins is also unique in the fact that they are not flat edged, again adding more surface area for the heat to be dissipated to.







When you install the fan on the cooler, you are going to see that the fan covers the entire front of the cooler where you have it installed. The fan that I used is a Thermaltake 120mm 12v fan. Thermolab did not include any fans in the packaging, however it does have enough clips that you can install a second fan on the backside of the cooler. This fan is the common 120mm fan size in being 120x120x25mm so you will be able to get the basic idea of what any fan is going to look like installed on the cooler. It does not stick out too far from the end of the cooler, and it does fit nice and snuggly in the grooves in the fins. The fan also does not extend past the fin array on any side, making sure that the air the fan is blowing does not go anywhere other than through the fin array.




Taking a look at the top of the cooler, you are going to see where the heatpipes are coming through and how they are positioned through the fins. They do not go through the fins right next to eachother, instead they make a pattern like the #5 on a set of dice, being evenly spaced throughout. This is going to ensure that there is an even amount of heat being transfered from one heatpipe to the surrounding fins. The base of the cooler is made of copper with a mirror finish applied to it to make sure it is flat and smooth, ensuring a close contact with the IHS of the processor. The mounting hardware for the LGA775 socket is held down by four screws, two on either side.



Now that we know exactly what the cooler looks like and how the mounting hardware is installed on it, I am curious to see how the Thermolab Baram cooler is going to perform when it is put up against some of the other coolers out on the maket.

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