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Thermaltake Volcano 11+ Heatsink (Xaser Edition) Review


Closer Look
There are two different versions of the Volcano 11, and both of them happen to be a "Xaser Edition": The Volcano 11 + Xaser Edition, and the Volcano 11 - Xaser Edition. What’s the difference? The "+" version comes with a 5.25" adjustable fan speed controller, and a fan controller that can be mounted in a PCI bracket, whereas the "-" version only includes the PCI bracket fan control. Aside from that, the difference in price from where I looked was about one dollar, and in some cases no difference at all.

The Volcano 11+ comes in a nice purple box, with windows so you can see the top of the Volcano 11, and each of the fan controllers.

Here you can see everything out of the box and spread out.

What's Included:
  • Set of instructions
  • Thermaltake Volcano 11 + Xaser Edition
  • PCI bracket manual fan sped adjuster
  • 5.25" Drive Bay manual fan sped adjuster
  • Screws to mount the controllers (1 for PCI, 4 for 5.25" drive bay)
  • Blue jumper
  • Thermal Probe Lead
  • Packet of Thermal Compound

  • Below you see the "X" edition fan grille, the one that comes standard is silver, however Thermaltake also has a three pack set that can be purchased that have Silver, Blue, and Gold. - With the orange and black color of the Volcano 11+, a black grille would have looked nice.

    The fan under the grill, is non-other than the Thermaltake Smart Fan II, which you also find on the Volcano 9 heat sink.

    Here you can see the connectors for the fan. There is a standard 3-pin adapter, a connector for the thermal probe or fan controller, and a jumper spot. Connecting the jumper as it is in the image below will cause the fan to run at full speed, overriding the controllers or thermal probe if they are connected.

    Here is the Volcano 11+ without the fan connected, allowing us to see the copper fins.

    Here is the side view of the heat sink, again, showing off the copper fins, and the name "Volcano" engraved across the side.

    Here we have one side of the clip, which attaches to the socket's tabs. Notice, unlike the Cooler Master heat sinks, the Volcano 11+ has no easy or "tool-less" method to install it. Instead, the instructions say to use a screw driver and use it to pres the clip down. Common guys, who thought of that? You can also see, Thermaltake etched their name into the side here.

    As I mentioned earlier, there are two different fan controllers with the Volcano 11+ (remember, the 11- only has one!). Here we can see the controller that fits in the PCI bracket; Gold with a yellow and black sticker. That's kinda of cool looking, but who has a gold case? Or better yet, who has a yellow and black color scheme? None of the Xaser cases do... why have a part that clashes with just about everything? Of course, you can make the argument that it's on the back of the case, and probably no one will see it.

    The other fan controller mounts in the front, and has a silver and black color scheme. Something that will match most cases a little better.

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