Thermaltake Purepower TWV 500W Power Supply Unit Review

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Reviewed on: April 24, 2006
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Thermaltake is well known for its "rigid" products that are built to stand the test of time, with quality, performance and overall appearance to compete in today's PC industry. Thermaltake was founded in Beijing, China in 1999 and since then has become one of the most well known manufacturers for high end computer parts and accessories, now with offices spreading world wide. Thermaltake has been pushing above and beyond with its Award Winning Purepower brand power supplies, not to mention Thermaltake's thermal management for CPUs and case enclosures. Today we will be looking at Thermaltake's Purepower TWV 500w power supply that is promised to be a one of a kind PSU (power supply unit), with its module wiring, overall "good looks" and the total watts viewer. With so many power supplies to choose from these days it's no wonder that some would have a hard time deciding. Hopefully today we will see if this power supply could be the right one to fit your needs and hopefully uncover a few myths when it comes to choosing a power supply unit.>

Closer Look

The Thermaltake Purepower TWV 500W comes packaged very nice, neat and tucked tightly into a nice box with a very handy carrying handle, which can only be utilized once the plastic wrap is removed.

Upon opening the box you will find the cables set, total watts viewer and the power cord, which are boxed individually and labeled for easy identification. This adds very nice clean look to the packaged contents as well as a touch of professionalism.

Once you have all the contents removed and are getting ready for installation, verify that you have everything in the parts list that is stated to come with this PSU. The main component is obviously the power supply itself, followed by the right amount/types of cables, the total watts viewer, along with the mounting hardware, power cord and PSU mounting screws, and finally the users' manual. You can see that the Thermaltake Purepower TWV 500W is a very nice looking modular unit, which really helped me because the extra wires didn't get in the way. This PSU complies with ATX 12v 2.0 and also features a 24 pin connector with removable 4 pins for a 20 pin connection. It supports SLI, has dual 12v rails, active PFC function and comes with the total watts viewer.

Closer Look

Note the honey combed style grill at the rear of the power supply, this allows for maximum air flow for superior cooling.

Here you can see the massive 120mm Thermaltake-branded cooling fan which is responsible for keeping this monster unit cool. The blue LEDs also bring style and good looks.


The Thermaltake requires the typical 4 screw installation of the average power supply. You will need to remove the side cover of your case, grasp the power supply firmly and then using a screwdriver - or for me a nut driver - insert and tighten all four screws.

The other part of this unique power supply is its total watts viewer, which is designed to install into the typical 5.25" front bay. Now for those of you that have cases with slotted cages that accept screws, installing the total watts viewer will be a piece of cake! For those that have the "user friendly" easy slides or a tool-less installation design, it could be a bit more complicated. I was able to get my slide rails onto the total watts viewer installation brackets; however, I needed to take a pair of pliers and bend the tabs on my slide bar in order for it to hold the brackets firmly in order to reduce movement of the watts viewer once I had it installed into my PC.


Thermaltake Purepower TWV 500W

Thermaltake Total Watts Viewer
  • Fits into a typical 5.25" drive slot
  • The total watts display, which displays system power consumption
  • A machined to perfection aluminum speed control knob
  • PSU Fan Controller


Testing Setup
Testing methods will be as follows:
The first set of test will be performed and monitored using monitoring software, which will be PC Wizard 2006 and MSIs core center. For the second set of tests I will be using a digital MM (multi-meter) for actual "true" voltage readings. The reason for the software test and for using the MM for acquiring voltage readings is this, while software testing is relatively simple to use and right at your finger tips it can also be very inaccurate and for that reason I will also be testing using a multi-meter. The multi-meter measures true and very accurate readings straight from the rail with no chance of in-accurate readings that is usually caused by software.



Let me start off by saying that at first, I was a little concerned about reviewing this PSU, but it didn't take long for me to realize by the overall appearance and performance of this PSU that it was going to be an exciting review! What I really love about this PSU was its stability, which going by the multimeter, was rock solid even under a load, and that is the the one thing that everyone should be looking for when it comes to purchasing a power supply. The total watts viewer, in my opinion, is simply for looks as it doesn't display a lot of "useful" information. However, it did make for a welcomed addition in appearance to the front of my case. In addition to the total watts viewer was the fan control knob, which is very useful when wanting to adjust fan speed to fit your custom needs and cooling demands (also, the total watts viewer is easily installed). The other really nice feature of this PSU is its modular cable design, which allows for easy wire connecting and the ultimate friend in wire management. Along with the modular design, each set of wires are sleeved, with heat shrink on each end, to allow for even better air flow and cooling performance. The only thing that I actually found wrong with this PSU was the fact that there was a piece of industrial caulking lodged between the fan and fan grill, which fortunately, was easily removed with a small pair of needle-nosed pliers. Once again, I contacted Thermaltake on this matter and was told that I could return the power supply for a new one without any problems. I was also told: "We have escalated this issue to our headquarters already " so I am hoping they mean to their QC (quality control) department!