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Thermaltake WingRS 100 Review

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Closer Look:

The case is very sleek looking. I am a big fan of black cases. The problem I have with this case is that the gloss black paint smudges and holds fingerprints, so I feel I cannot touch it. Much like any of you that have used a black iPod Nano, you know you are constantly wiping your fingerprints off of it. I will admit I do like the shiny black surface on the front, but it's just not conducive to something that will be touched dailly. 











The side panel has an air intake and duct to feed cool outside air directly to the CPU heatsink. The duct is adjustable to get the cool air as close to the heatsink fan as possible. The large vent below the CPU vent for allows for more case heat venting. Something that is always welcome. As you can see when the front bezel is taken off, there is plenty of room for expansion with four 5 1/2 drive bays and room for a large optional 120mm fan.




The case does not offer a fan on the top of it, but as we have seen in other reviews, the big fans on the top of the case can interfere with the PSU, so this may be a good thing. This case also offers rubber padded feet so you wont scratch your desk, which is nice as well



The front also offers a large vent which is for venting the heat from the hard disks. This is very important as you will read about in our testing. When the blue LED is lit up on the case, I can see the light through the front vents which is very classy looking and as an added bonus, blue is my favorite LED color and matches my G15 keyboard as well as my Creative speakers.



Now let's pop the hood and see what we have to work with here.



  1. Introduction and Closer Look
  2. Closer look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Componants)
  4. Installation
  5. Specifications and Features
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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