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Thermaltake Vi-on 3.5 Hard Drive Enclosure Review

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So how well did the Thermaltake Vi-on hard drive enclosure do? Let’s start with the overall design. I was very impressed with the look and stability of this enclosure, but one design flaw I would have to point out is the plastic side panel felt a little flimsy. I loved the black finish with the added touch of a blue LED for HD activity. I wouldn’t mind this thing cluttering up my desk because it's not an eyesore like most external enclosures.

One drawback to the design is the exhaust fan positioned on the bottom of the unit really cuts the airflow down for no good reason. I would like to see future attempts with a smarter placement of the exhaust fan. Now let's get into the numbers. The Thermaltake Vi-on beat a lot of the other scores by quite a bit and fell behind on a couple but still did very well in the long run. If the decision comes down to looks and performance when it comes time to spend your hard earned dollars, usually performance is the winner; consider this, the Thermaltake VI-ON has both looks and performance. I would recommend the Thermaltake Vi-on for anyone in need of a quality hard drive enclosure. Able to use hard drives up to one terabyte in size, it matches up well with some of the actual external hard drives in storage capacity. The dual connectivity makes connecting to any PC a breeze, e-SATA, if its available, and USB for use by just about any computer out on the market. What it lacked in a couple of the tests it made up for in aesthetics.



  • Great transfer rates
  • Great design
  • Dual connections for today's and yesterday's machines
  • Black and blue are personal favorites but still a great choice
  • Up to 1TB drive can be used



  • The fan vents out the bottom causing needless cooling obstruction
  • Flimsy side panel could possibly break while installing HD
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