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Thermaltake Vi-on 3.5 Hard Drive Enclosure Review

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Closure Look:

Packaging is only as impressive as what is inside. I can’t remember the last time I said "man, that product I bought sure was a piece of crap, but boy was that package pretty!" Hard drive enclosures come in all shapes and sizes these days. Personally, my external hard drive enclosure is going to be spending a lot of time on my desk. I want something that looks pretty slick; I like black and blue as I have said many times in the past in my reviews, and Thermaltake’s Vi-on external hard drive enclosure does not disappoint.

The enclosure looks like something straight out of a Star Wars movie and it wouldn’t be something the good guys use. Protruding diagonally from my desk it looks like the monolith plummeted from the sky and plunged straight into my desk. I like the design of this enclosure, it has a sturdy base that I wont easily knock over, which for me is a feat all in its own. The ventilation is on the bottom of the enclosure; heat is the number one killer of your hard drive's longevity, blocked fans may cause issues down the road.

On the back of the enclosure you can easily see the options for both eSata and USB, which is a bonus. Having eSata for the quick transfers on newer computers, and still offering backwards compatibility USB for older systems, is very important if you are going to be taking files from a number of different computers.








The Thermaltake Vi-on hard drive enclosure easily slides on and off of its base. This is great for carrying a smaller item from computer to computer but still offering stability for times when it will be sitting on your desk for an extended period of time. Inside of the unit you will find enough room to slide your SATA hard drive easily into place. I have used a few hard drive enclosures and I must say this is up there for ease of installation.



Let's check out the real specs on this thing to understand the options a little better.

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