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Thermaltake V9 BlacX Review

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My thoughts of the Thermaltake V9 BlacX lie in the realm of indifference. The case looks good on the outside, the dual bay docking station is neat, and the window is just the right size. The paint job is done well and everything is covered evenly. I like the tool less features, and the CPU retention bracket opening is in the right spot, too. There is nothing more frustrating when going to install a CPU cooler and finding that the motherboard tray is blocking access to one hole! However, I do find that there only being room for three fans a little bit of a let-down, though this really does keep the noise down. Keeping the noise down also causes suffering from the total amount of airflow through the case, which negatively affects hardware temperatures.

The wire management accommodations in the V9 BlacX are seriously lacking and can use some improvement. There is very little room behind the motherboard tray to run wires, and nothing to really route them around. I really did my best on the wire management here, and I'm not terribly happy with the results. I did also find that the power supply mounting bracket does not allow for the power supply to be flipped over, allowing for a slight advantage with wire management since the cables can start closer to the motherboard tray.

Overall, the case looks good and has the built-in docking stations which can be very useful for some folks. It isn't really the best looking case I've used, but aesthetically it's got some points that may appeal to others. The front USB 3.0 support is a good thing to have, but manufacturers still seem to be running these cables out through water cooling grommets! Since motherboards don't typically have USB 3.0 headers on them, case manufacturers must run the USB cable to the external port on the back of the motherboard. However, I've only seen manufacturers run these cables through a water cooling grommet. I'd like to see what users do when they want to run USB3.0 and have an external water cooling loop at the same time. In conclusion, if you're picky on wire management like I consider myself to be, there are cases out there with much better wire management for around the same price. Otherwise, it's not a bad buy for those who like the Thermaltake style, like tool less features, want a window, and have a use for the built-in, dual-bay docking station.



  • Quiet operation
  • Unique styling
  • Only case with a dual-bay docking station
  • USB 3.0 support
  • Tool-less operation



  • Poor wire management options
  • Low speed fans negatively affect temperatures
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