Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim 65W Universal Laptop AC Adapter Review

ajmatson - 2009-08-22 23:30:04 in Mobile
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Reviewed on: November 9, 2009
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When it comes to mobile computing accessories, size is always a concern. As mobile devices continue to shrink, down to sizes unimaginable just a few sort years ago, accessories need to shrink to keep pace. One accessory subject to use, besides the device, is the power supply, or brick as it is affectionately known, that supplies the power needed to charge the battery. As the battery life declines and the power supply is used more frequently, you will get to a point when you have kept the device long enough that you may need to replace the power supply. If you have looked at the price of a replacement power supply for a netbook or laptop computer, the price can be close to one third of the cost of the mobile device. Such is the dilemma I faced with my netbook. A new OEM power supply is around $120, while a new netbook can be had for $300. That makes the cost really not worth the additional investment. If only the cost were reduced, I could get some additional life span out of my trusty little netbook.


Closer Look:

The Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim 65W Universal Laptop AC Adapter comes packaged in a white box, showing off the product in all of its glory. This gives you an idea on how and if it will work for you, leaving you no surprises when you take it out of the box. The back of the packaging lists the features and specifications for the AC adapter, and gives you enough information to make sure that it will work with your intended devices, to ensure compatibility. Included with the power block are the cords for the wall and the unit, the multi-tips used for connecting to various devices, the instructions, and a carrying case. There are eight tips that are included that will fit a variety of devices including netbooks, laptops and more - with the ability to change the power output to several selections.














The main part of the AC adapter, or the "brick" as I like to refer to it, is not really "brick"-like at all when it comes to size. The unit weighs only 8.6 ounces and is about as thick as a fountain pen. There are connections on the two ends of the block; one is where the cord that comes from the wall goes into the adapter to provide power, and the other is where the cord goes from the adapter to the device you are powering. There are several voltage settings depending on the device's requirements. You can set the AC adapter for 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V, 20V, and 21V.




Now that we have the "brick" out, let's look at the tips and how to use the Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim AC Adapter.

Closer Look:

The device cable plugs into the AC adapter, next to the voltage selector. This cable has two distinct ends, which are shaped differently to avoid confusion when plugging everything together. There is a square end which plugs into the "brick" for the adapter, and a round end where the tips go for the devices you need to power. Each tip has two prongs on them, and a groove in the back which makes the tip only plug in one way, to prevent connecting it incorrectly. The two prongs slide into the receiver on the device plug and that is all it takes you are ready to go. As mentioned before, there are eight tips that plug into the device cord, depending on the model of device that you are using it to power. Refer to the chart below for the compatibility for a wide array of devices.


















To make transporting easier and to keep everything together for later use, Thermaltake has included an nice carry bag that is designed to keep everything in it securely and ready to go at a moments notice. It is made from tough materials, ensuring that the bag does not fall apart just when you needed to use it and find out that parts have been lost. On the front of the case, there is the Thermaltake logo. You can see how everything fits inside the case to keep it all secure.  The size is compared next to an Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch Netbook.




With everything connected and the correct tip plugged in, you can see the Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim 65W AC Adapter plugged into the Acer Aspire One Netbook here and ready to go.

Now that we have seen the device, let's move on to the specifications and then the testing of it.



AC Input 100-240v AC, 2.0A, 50-60Hz
DC Output Voltage 15v 16v 18v 19v 20v 21v
Max Output Current 4A 3.75A 3.6A 3.42A 3.25A 3.09A
Total Power 60W 65W
Max. Peak Power 90W






For the testing phase of this review, there is not much that goes into it since it is only a laptop AC adapter. To test the Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim 65W AC Adapter, I carried it around for a few days using it on a variety of portable laptops and a netbook to check the compatibility and ease of having it with me all of the time. I then compiled the data based on a scale of one to ten on several factors that I felt were pertinent to reviewing the adapter for everyday use. For the time that it was carried, I left the adapters for my personal devices at home and even used a friend's laptop to ensure compatibility. The Thermaltake AC adapter was taken everywhere with me in my laptop bag, in place of my usual AC adapters for the devices.



 Testing Setup:



I must say, it was so nice to lighten the load in my laptop bag with one adapter. For the full break down, let's move over to the conclusion.


I must say that the Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim 65W Universal Laptop AC Adapter has really made my life a whole lot easier. The ability to carry one adapter to power a number of my devices makes traveling less tedious than before. Now, I can charge one device while using another on battery power without having to lug with me several AC cords to power each one. I cannot tell you how many times I went out on business and forgot the adapter for my netbook or laptop and had no way of charging it or, even worse, having to beg someone to borrow theirs. This also makes a great replacement adapter for those who have lost theirs or if it has become damaged. For instance, when I received my netbook, it did not have the AC adapter and Acer wanted around $120 for it, which is outrageous considering the low price of the netbook in the starting place. Here, I get a quality adapter for half the price and as a bonus, it makes life easier. If you are needing to replace a worn or lost laptop power cord, I would highly recommend that you check out the Ultra Slim 65W AC Adapter from Thermaltake.