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Thermaltake SpinQ VT Review

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To put the Thermaltake SpinQ VT to the test I will be making a comparison of the temperatures at idle and under load, both while the CPU is at stock voltages and clock speeds, as well as when the CPU is overclocked and over-volted to show what kind of cooling performance that the Spin Q VT has to offer when compared to other socket 1156 compatible heatsinks. These heatsinks will be tested head-to-head as they are delivered from the manufacturer. I could throw in a bunch of testing variables, but it is not what the products are capable of as delivered. To test the idle temperatures I will allow the computer to stay idle for 30 minutes and take the idle temperature at this point. For the load testing I will use Prime95 version 25.9 and choose the blend testing and allow the processor and memory controller to heat up to the maximum temperatures. The time frame is a four hour run to allow the temperature to peak, usually in the 14K test. I will use Real Temp 3.0 to take the high and low temperatures and average the temperatures generated over the four cores as my reported temperature.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Heat sinks:







The stock i5 heatsink is just woeful when you put a load on the CPU. The SpinQ VT improves cooling performance by 28 degrees over the stock cooling solution when the Intel i5 750 gets a small overclock thrown its way and delivers a 19 degree Celsius improvement at stock clock speeds. All in all, pretty respectable for a cooler that is unusually shaped.

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