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Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Review

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The Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package tried its best and didn’t do too badly in the end. I personally wouldn’t be overclocking my cpu with the temps I saw with this case but I would be content over clocking my gpu with the temps I saw with it. The hd temps were good as well, which means more life for my drives which is always a plus.

Of course it comes back to the name, this case was not nearly as cold as an elderly polar bear swimmer after a dip. It did not live up to its name because my wife was not repelled by it so that is a plus for this case. This is a personal message to Thermaltake’s marketing department: What were you thinking? Is this going to become an industry standard? Are we going to see a cooler master plum smuggler or perhaps an Apevia Tighty Whitey? How much worse is it going to get? The day I see Asus release the Jock Strap Extra Large Package Gaming Case is the day I hang up my hat as a Reviewer.

Back to the point this case was great, I do like it. I would have liked to see better temps but it made up for the temps with some incredible extras and new case innovations. I would recommend this case to serious gamers and enthusiasts because if the case is good you can always throw on a water cooling system or some super loud deltas to bring your temps down. I like this case a lot more than the bulky cumbersome Thermaltake Armor and the design is very slick and easy to work with everything fit in this case without any issues. As a post script I will say; don’t beat your self up marketing department. This case wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to review if you hadn’t named it Spedo so for the wonderful innuendo filled time I spent reviewing your product I say thank you.



  • 2 x 230mm fans
  • 3 x 120mm exhaust fan is a better choice over the old 80mm
  • Tool-Less design is sturdy and well made
  • Tons of space for expansion
  • The ability to hide cabling
  • Water cooling is a built in option



  • The name
  • The price
  • Ran hotter then some other cases



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