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Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Review

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Closer Look:

The outside of the Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package is impressive and all but let's see what is really going on with this case. There is a lot of boasting of cooling ability and multiple cooling chambers. There are also enough fans in this case to have central air in your house; let alone a computer case.

To start off with I will point out the number one reason I love Thermaltake cases. Tool-less design after years of breaking down and building one pc after another I am sick to death of my Robertson screw driver the less I see it the better. The Thermaltake Spedo Advances Package offers great tool-less expansion card and drive bay access. The tabs don't feel as flimsy as some I have seen in the past which is a bonus. I don't like leaving things to chance when plugging in $300+ videos card. I have had more than one instance with some "tool-less" cases where I popped out my card while plugging in a monitor.
















Another great addition to the design of the Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package is the wire hiding panels. This case has everything you need to keep a clean case. It also includes the extension cables you need to run everything cleanly.



Fans, fans, and more fans. The Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package comes with a ton of cooling. There are 2 120mm fans in the rear of the case for exhaust. There is a 230mm at the top of the case for exhaust and a 230mm intake fan on the side panel. There is a 140mm intake fan in front that was shown when the bezel of the case was off and also a bonus 120mm fan shown in the extras photos on the first page to place either at the bottom of the case or behind the mother board. I mounted mine as an intake behind the motherboard. There is also a multi-chamber cooling system that uses plastic dividers to channel the air better.




I normally hate molex connectors; it is high time we changed the industry standard because they suck.  But, I will say the way the Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package designed the molex for the fans is ingenious. The connectors plug right in to each other in a daisy chain without the cumbersome wire jumpers. Another great feature of this case is the e-Sata, usb, audio, and firewire inputs that are located on the top of the case. I hate having inputs on the front, I end up kicking them and shorting out my usb port I have done it twice now. Granted this is mostly my fault but the front usb is a thing of the past in my opinion.



Let's get a closer look at the specs on this case.

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