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Thermaltake Spedo Advance Package Review

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Closer Look:

The Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Package is a monster of a case not unlike its brother case the Thermaltake Armor. With of course one major exception it doesn't weigh 900 pounds like the Armor does. Which I exceptionally liked about this case. If any of you have ever tried carrying your case to a lan party or stubbed your toe on an Armor case then you can sympathize with me.

The look of the Spedo is very sleek and not disturbing at all like other Speedos I have had the torment of seeing in the past. If you were to wear this case as bathing attire you may actually pick up some ladies as apposed to the speedo's regular female repellent qualities. Also, you would stay nice and cool due to the abundance of fans this case has. Okay, I will admit this review is getting a bit ridiculous, but let this be a lesson to manufacturers: If you are going to release a product with phrases like "think excitement think spedo" and offer this product in a standard and "advanced package" mode, be ready to receive some serious ridicule at your expense. I don't know whether to congratulate the marketing department on a great marketing ploy or slap them. Of course this reaction hinges on some fact finding on the part of the seriousness of their title of the product.

















After removing the front panel you can see the 120mm intake fan for the hd cooling, the exhaust fan's out the back are definitely adequate as well. There is a lot of drive space and modding space on this case. This would be one major server case due to the number of drive bays included.


Now we have seen the case, let's check out the extras it has to offer.

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  5. Testing
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