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Thermaltake Soprano Dx Case

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Closer Look:

The Case:

Now that the case is out of the box, you can see that there are still a few protective measures in place. The front bezel is taped shut, along with the chromed strip across the door being covered with tape. The window on the side panel also has a plastic layer on it to prevent scratches.


Now that all of the protective measures are removed, we can take at look at the beauty of this case. The finish is quite shiny, not unlike that of a piano, which seems to be what Thermaltake intended judging by the name of the case and the finish description.



The front of this case is unique to any I have seen as of yet. To begin with, the door is made of 0.125 inch aluminum, making it very sturdy. No more of those thin plastic doors that break off when you accidentally bump into it with your leg while they are open. It has a nice wavy design to be aesthetically pleasing. You may notice a lock on the right-front side of the case. This lock serves two functions. It will lock the door shut and also lock the front bezel in position. If you turn the lock 90 degrees, the front door will open to give you access to your drive bays. If turned a complete 180 degrees from the locked position, it will allow the whole front bezel to be opened much like the door as it is on hinges.



With the whole front bezel swung out of the way, you can see the plates that will need to be removed to insert 3.5 or 5.25 inch drives. Also note, at the bottom edge, there is a filter covering the fan intake, which is removable for easy washing. Just push down on the two clips and roll it forward and down.

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