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Thermaltake Max 5G External Hard Drive Enclosure Review

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Closer Look:

Now with the Max 5G out of the box, we can get a good look at the design that makes it stand out. The Max 5G supports 3.5 inch SATA I, II and III hard drives with a maximum capacity of two terabytes, which is a massive amount of external storage for all of your needs. On the left side of the enclosure there are two active cooling fans which we will look at more closely later in this review. The active cooling fans make sure your drives are running at optimum operating temperatures, so they do not over-heat on you. On the opposite side there is the Max 5G logo with the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 logo. The front of the drive enclosure has an LED strip that flashes as there is activity to the drive. This LED is a cool blue color that is pretty bright, so you know when the drive is in use. On the rear of the enclosure there are the functional buttons and ports for operation. On the top there is the power switch and an LED switch. The LED switch, which is the smaller one on the left, turns off the LEDs for the active cooling fans if you choose to not have them lit up when running. Under the switches there is the power plug and the USB 3.0 port.
















To install a hard drive into the enclosure there are two Allen type screws that need to be removed on the bottom of the solid side of the casing. Once they are removed the side panel comes off and reveals the inside of the Max 5G. The two active cooling fans are both 80mm in size and are Thermaltake model number TT-8015. These fans run at 800RPM and have a low noise rating of 12dBA. Inside there is a SATA connector board which bridges the internal connections to the back-plate of the enclosure for power and data transfer. To install a drive, just slide it into the SATA bracket and flip up the plastic locking clip. Then screw back on the side plate and you are ready to go. This easy install takes only a minute.




To hold the enclosure upright and keep it from falling over, there is a swivel foot on the bottom. Just turn the stand to the sides and you are ready to start up your drive enclosure for use. With the drive in place and turned on, you can see the two 80mm fans that light up. Again the LEDs can be disabled if you do not want them on while keeping the cooling fans spinning.



With everything installed and setup we are ready to move on to the testing.

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