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Thermaltake Matrix Review

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Closer Look:

Let’s get a look at this puppy because if it’s going to replace that beautiful department store PC case it better be pretty impressive. Sarcastic jibes aside, this thing better be pretty sweet looking if you are going to drop your hard earned (aka begged for from your parents) - drinking money on it. When you are the designated driver and your friends wake up hung over in the morning they can admire your pretty new computer case. Which may ease the buyer's remorse a little.

At first glance, it’s a sleek looking case, black and silver go well together but it doesn’t stand out that much aesthetically. The ventilation ports on the side are a nice plus to the design, hopefully they are functional enough for additional cooling. Normally I like to see the pvc cooling duct on the side panel of the case facing the CPU. If the looks don’t grab you, then hopefully the Thermaltake Matrix is more than a pretty face.















The Thermaltake Matrix comes shipped with a super snazzy cleaning cloth. Depending on how much you like this case it could possibly double for a drool rag. Most of the cases I have received did not have the fingerprint cloth, it is a smart addition to the cases extras. Also included is the manual and the extra hardware for the motherboard.


The Thermaltake Matrix has the external USB and audio port on the side which I like instead of on the front; I am constantly bumping and hitting my usb devices when they are on the front of the PC, and I have broken more than one USB port on the front of my cases because of this. Another great feature this case has is an easy to remove side panel with the ability to lock up the case for added security in case your dorm mate likes your video card more than his.



Behind the front panel there seems to be some space for case modders out there but as with most mid towers there isn’t much room to play around with. There is room for an optional 120mm fan for intake and cooling for hard drive, which is an upgrade I suggest going for.


Let's open it up further and see what we are really dealing with here.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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