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Thermaltake DuOrb CPU Cooler Review

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Wow! I am pleased to see these kind of numbers. I went into this review with an unbiased opinion, but hoping that the Thermaltake DuOrb would do well because of the innovation that it brings to the table by changing the way a CPU cooler works. The temperatures are impressive, especially going up against the OCZ Vendetta, which performed very well in other reviews. With an ambient temperature of 25C, the DuOrb was the lowest, matching the air temperature exactly in the Idle Stock test. Even overclocked, the DuOrb kept things cooler, except for the Overclocked load test where the OCZ Vendetta 2 and the DuOrb tied. Not only did it keep the CPU cooler, but the Thermaltake DuOrb kept the surrounding area between 2C to 5C cooler than the Vendetta 2. When compared to the stock cooler that comes packaged with retail processors, it won hands down and was actually 14C cooler in the Overclocked Load test. That is a big advantage, especially when overclocking where temperatures are everything for getting the maximum out of your hardware.

Two concerns regarding the size of the Thermaltake DuOrb. One is that you cannot use memory modules with heightened heatspreaders, such as the Corsair Dominators or the OCZ Reapers. Also, on AMD boards with a vertical setup, the cooler will block the first PCI Express graphics card slot. When running a single card, this can be worked around, but if you are running Crossfire or SLI, this will be a problem for you. Second, the price is more than other coolers such as the Vendetta 2, which is about $25 cheaper. However, you get what you pay for and this cooler proves its performance with the numbers. If you are like me and overclock every piece of hardware you get your hands on, then the Thermaltake DuOrb is, hands down, a no brainer. Just make sure you have the room to install it beforehand.



  • Excellent CPU cooling
  • Provides additional cooling to surrounding areas
  • Runs silently during operation
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Dual fans for optimum cooling



  • More expensive than comparison coolers
  • Large footprint can cause problems
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