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Thermaltake Contac 29 Review

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As I said on the previous page, I am definitely satisfied with the Thermaltake Contac 29. It is lightweight, affordable, and quiet; yet it extends very similar performance to coolers that cost nearly twice. However, since the cooler is small, its performance can fall apart in extreme situations, such as a fully loaded, overclocked i7. While temperatures remained acceptable through every test, the jump between idle and load in the overclocked situation was noticeably larger than the difference in the stock testing.

As far as installation went, I did find problems getting the push clips attached under the fan because of clearance issues. It would be slightly easier with the motherboard out of the case, but the fan is what caused issues. Removing the fan before installation made this part easier, but reattaching the fan after the heatsink was installed in the case was only slightly less difficult. Also, due to the low height, users with large heatsinks on their memory may run into some clearance issues if the memory is close enough to the CPU socket. Using Mushkin Ridgeline memory, which has large heatsinks, I found that the memory extends past the bottom of the fan by about 1/8th of an inch. If a user ran into a clearance problem with their memory, switching the fan to the other side is a solution. While this would work, it still wouldn't allow the user to use a dual fan configuration. Anyways, although this paragraph is a little long winded, it shouldn't apply to most folks. Installing the heatsink during a build before installing the motherboard into the case would be the easiest and probably most common situation, where the difficulty I ran into probably wouldn't have to be dealt with. However, since I ran into this issue, I needed to share it in my review.

Overall, for the price and quietness of this cooler, I am very pleased. I don't know of many if any coolers that are under the $30 mark that come anywhere close to competing with the Contac 29. This cooler is definitely worthy of being noticed.



  • Price
  • Lightweight means less stress on the motherboard
  • Quiet
  • Performs very well compared to coolers in its price range



  • Cooler is tall, may interfere with the side panel of some cases
  • Installation can be a little difficult with the motherboard already in the case
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