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ThermalTake Chaser MK-I Review

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Though the ThermalTake Chaser MK-I didn't test as well as the next two cases in the majority of the tests, it did only lose out to two cases that were priced much higher than it. Normally this early on in the conclusion I don't talk about price but I thought it necessary to mention now that the Chaser MK-I only comes in at a modest $159.99. With all the features considered, this case is definitely worth the asking price. The Chaser MK-I has a solid SECC steel construction with the only pieces of plastic on it being the front and top panels. It includes a side panel window which is a must in its price range. It would have been nice however if they had included a side intake fan as that not only would have given you a total of three color shift LED fans but it probably would have greatly improved temperatures. It's great to see that ThermalTake designed the case so that it not only has a black coat of paint on the outside, but also features black paint on the inside. All things aside, this case definitely has it with watercooling capability. Go ahead install a 24cm radiator and it will take it as is. Just when you thought you couldn't ask for more features ThermalTake throws in the kitchen sink with a built in BlacX hard disk docking station which allows you to easily hotswap 3.5" and 2.5" drives. It was definitely hard to find a fault with this case; however, there is one minor fault in its design. As mentioned previously, the case includes an external 5.25"' to 3.5" adapter, which is nice in case you do happen to have something like an external SD-card reader to hookup. Be aware, however, that unless what you're mounting also has the ability to mount through the bottom in addition to the sides, then you may have to look for an alternative bay converter to support your device. So if you're looking for a good case to get you started with great cooling capabilities right out of the box then look no further than the ThermalTake Chaser MK-I.



  • Top panel HDD docking station
  • Great watercooling support
  • Black inside and out
  • Nice price
  • Side panel window



  • Cannot use certain 3.5" devices with the provided 5.25" to 3.5" converter
  • No side Fan included
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