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Thermalright Spitfire, VRM-R5 & X-Silent 140 Review

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Spitfire VGA Cooler:

Cooler Dimensions
147mm (L) x 123mm (W) x 154mm (H)
Cooler Weight
550g (excluding fan and mounting hardware)
6mm sintered heat-pipes x 6 units
Cooler base material
C1100 pure copper with nickel plating



118mm (L) x 117mm (W) x 122mm (H)
140 grams
6mm heat pipe x 2 units
One 80 x 15mm or 80 x 25mm


X- Silent 140:

140 x 140 x 25 mm
Bearing Type
Liquid State
Start-up Voltage
7.0 VDC
Rated Current
0.14 A (Max)
Rated Power
1.68V (Max)
Rated Speed
900 RPM +10%
Air Flow
Noise Level
20.9 dBA
Life Expectancy
50,000 hours



Spitfire VGA Cooler:

  • 6 x Sintered Nickel Plated Heat-pipes, provides the GPU with the best cooling technology while capable of withstanding many years of operation .
  • 160 x 150mm of dissipating area. Can be used in conjunction with case with side-panel fans (Passive cooling), or can also be actively cooled with 14 or 12cm fans (fan clips included, additional fans sold separately) .
  • Double-sided copper base. Which allows two methods of installing your Spitfire to best suit your system.
  • Unique High-riser patented fins, allowing for unparallel cooling and near silent operation.
  • Support Pillar Hardware included, the Spitfire VGA cooler includes additional support hardware to prevent VGA card droop.
  • Soldered Heat-pipes, Fins and Copper Base, ensure all components maintain the highest of Thermal Efficiency.



  • 80mm of fin area, specially designed for the VRM of 5870/5850 VGA cards,effectively lowers the high temperature and prolongs the VGA life, providesgreater range of over-clocking performance .
  • Patented High-riser punched fins, give better airflow between the fin area, superb cooling performance for both active (with fan) and passive cooling ( without fan).
  • Double 6mm heatpipes, soldered tightly with fin, to ensure fastest Thermal conductivity.
  • Easy Installation, “Hand Turnable” screws provided, installation can be done without any extra tools.
  • No extra fans needed, can use airflow from the Tower cpu cooler when needed.
  • One 80 x 15mm or 80 x 25mm fan can be installed ( need to be bought separately).


X-Silent 140:

  • Eleven highly efficient, low noise emission fan blades.
  • Liquid state bearing and 50,000 long life hours.
  • 7V of power usage; can be adjusted via fan controller device.
  • Includes tooling-free Anti-vibration Rubber screws for use on the chassis fan.
  • All Thermalright X-Silent fans are under one year warranty.



All information courtesy of Thermalright @ http://www.thermalright.com/new_a_page/product_page/vga/spitfire/product_vga_cooler_spitfire.html 

All information courtesy of Thermalright @ http://www.thermalright.com/new_a_page/product_page/vga/vrm/product_vga_cooler_r5.html

All information courtesy of Thermalright @ http://www.thermalright.com/new_a_page/product_page/fan/product_tr_x-silent-140.html

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  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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