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Thecus N3200PRO NAS Server Review

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The configuration and management of the server is accomplished through a Web-based user interface. The UI is accessed by typing the unit's IP address in your browser's address bar which is in our example. At the top of the page you will see the menu bar with the different subcategories containing the screens used to set and control different aspects of the N3200PRO. Placing your mouse cursor over one of the menu items will display a dropdown list of the various options.

Status – this section displays the status of different aspects of the system as well configuration screens for the web cameras and wake-on-LAN settings.
Storage – the Storage section allows you to view information and settings on the various storage components of the N3200PRO including external eSATA and USB drives as well as the internal drives on the unit.
Network – in this section you can configure the different WAN/LAN connections as well as enable and configure the different network services on the N3200PRO. Accounts – you can configure users and groups as well as assign rights to different network shares in this section.
System – you can configure the different system settings in this section including setting the time, checking system logs, updating the firmware, and rebooting/shutting down the system.
Language – this section allows you to choose the preferred language.


There are five subsections under the status menu option.


The System page reports on the status of the system itself as well as its various services. You can check on the CPU utilization rate, fan speed and time since last reboot. In the Service Status pane you can view the status of the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP), Network Files System (NFS), SMB/CIFS, FTP, iTunes, Media Server and UPnP services. As you can see in the screen shot, most of these services come disabled by default. We'll visit each one of these later in the review when we get to the Network section.


The N3200PRO can act as a printer server. There is nothing to configure here, all that's needed is to plug a USB printer into the USB port on the rear of the device and the N3200PRO will automatically recognize the printer. You can purge the print queue or restart the printer service from this page as well. In order to add the printer to a local client machine you will need to point to the network address “http://N3200PRO_IP_ADDRESS:631/printers/usb-printer” where 'N3200PRO_IP_ADDRESS' is the IP address of the server on your network. This is where having a fixed IP address would come in handy.


The N3200PRO can be configured to awaken from sleep mode via either the LAN or WAN connections. To enable this feature check the appropriate radio button on this page and the click on the Apply button.

Web Camera

The N3200PRO includes a Web Camera server and you can set it up to capture images from a web cam attached to the USB port. You can capture images in resolutions of 160x120, 320x240, or 640x480 and at various preset intervals. You can define a daily schedule for when images are captured as well. All images are stored in the Video/Webcam folder on the server.


The About page shows basic product information including manufacturer, model number, firmware version and up time.




Let's move on to the storage configuration options.

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