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Thecus N3200PRO NAS Server Review

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Content Creation (higher is better)

This test simulates content creation on the NAS device such as might occur when rendering a video. There are 99 files used and is composed of 95% write operations with up to 64kb block sizes and consists of 39.1% sequential operations.





















It's not unusual to see rates drop on this test with its large amount of write operations and the N3200PRO's results reflected the strain especially in the RAID 5 configuration where we see throughput of only 6.5MB/s, one of its worst scores in the whole battery of tests. While it had no trouble besting the smaller units, it lagged behind the more powerful business-class servers by a wide margin.

Office Productivity (higher is better)

The Office Productivity test is roughly evenly distributed between read and write operations using 607 small files consisting of 1kb and 4kb reads and mostly 1kb writes.





This is the longest and one of the most arduous tests in the Intel NAS Toolkit suite and it seems units we've reviewed either do really well or fall flat (as seen by the DNS-323 and the DS408). Fortunately for the N3200PRO it performed very well on this test crushing the smaller guys and even demolishing the DS408 with throughput in the 24-28MB/s range. It wasn't able to beat the TS-509 but held its own in the RAID 5 test and came close to matching it in the RAID 1 and JBOD configurations.

File Copy to NAS (higher is better)

The File Copy test copies a single large file to the NAS unit using 100% sequential 64kb write operations.





Writing a large file to the NAS cost the N3200PRO in the RAID 5 configuration where it managed a throughput of only 20MB/s compared to 27-28MB/s in the other configurations which was not enough to beat out the bigger units.

File Copy From NAS

This test reads the single large (1.4GB) file from the File Copy test from the NAS using 64kb read operations.





The N3200PRO showed strong and consistent rates of around 38-39MB/s when copying the large file back from the NAS. It was in the game in the RAID 0 setup and took the RAID 1 and JBOD test by a comfortable margin. Even in the RAID 5 test it provided a good showing, taking all but the TS-509.

Dir Copy to NAS (higher is better)

This test copies a directory structure with 126 files to the NAS device using predominately 64kb writes but also includes a wide distribution under 16kb.





This test really stressed the N3200PRO where it turned in it's lowest scores of any tests with throughput of only 6-8MB/s. It still beat out the DNS-323 and the CAND3001T0 but just couldn't run with the big dogs on this one.

Dir Copy From NAS (higher is better)

This test copies the same directory structure of 126 files from the NAS device using 64kb reads.






The N3200PRO did better when reading and copying the directory back but it still lagged behind the more powerful units when it came to handling a large number of files.

Photo Album (higher is better)

The Photo Album test simulates the viewing of 169 photo files of various sizes stored on the NAS and consists of 100% read operations.





The photo album test didn't show any favorites but the N3200PRO took two of the four categories and came in second in the other two, losing out to the TS-509 by a small margin in each case. I'd say the N3200PRO acquitted itself quite well in the last test of the series.

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