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TekNmotion Pulsar SX PC Review

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While they may be much more compact than a boom box on your shoulder, I still think you would get just as many people laughing at you trying to jog and fumbling around with this headset’s controllers and battery pack, as you would at a full sprint with a ghetto blaster. The vibe option was good for anyone that wants the illusions of having 2 subwoofers strapped to their head, but in reality, it tickles the heck out of your ears.

Anyone that likes loud and obnoxious headphones, these are for you. They drowned out all background noise, which was a major selling feature for me. Everything that most people look for in a gaming headset is offered. I would recommend them purely based on gaming usage. The Pulsars measured up and surpassed my favorite headset in all things gaming, so that in itself is pretty impressive. The bass was very impressive and explosions sounded better on the Pulsars than on my surround sound system. The overall design and comfort were excellent; it wasn't flimsy and the headphones didn't hurt my ears after prolonged use. All in all this was a decent headset. Although not mind blowing, it meets a good middle ground for gamers that also like watching movies with headphones.



  • Noise cancellation was incredible; no background noise whatsoever
  • Software effects were very well done; actually felt like I was in a hall
  • Bass was off the charts; the vibe effect, in moderation, multiplied the effect tenfold
  • I never heard them crackle once during testing
  • Comfortable



  • The vibe option was an annoyance when set any higher than 3
  • Inline controller was bulky
  • Battery pack was also bulky
  • Mic button was hard to push


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Testing (Continued)
  7. Conclusion
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