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Turtle Beach Video Advantage PCI

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Since configuring the software provided is very involved, for the scope of this review, I will only briefly describe some of the aspects of video capturing and editing. First, let's open the Video Advantage AD Fullcap, which should now reside in your start menu under “Programs\Turtle Beach”. In the first tab called “File” we can set the new video’s name and path. Along with that, we can set a limit to the file time and size. I will leave these settings at their default values as I don’t know how big the movie will be when I am finished.




The next file tab is called the “Video” tab and is where we can select the properties of the video we want to create. You may notice a small wrench image beside some drop down menus. These signify that there are more configuration options associated with the selection. If you select the configuration icon beside the capture device pull down menu, a dialogue box will appear that will allow you to modify the capture device. In North America the video recording standard is NTSC, so I will leave that option alone. In the next file tab in the dialogue box, you can select or modify the color scheme for the captured video.



Below the “Video Capture Device” menu, there is a button labelled “Frame Format”. Here you can select the output frame size for the captured video, but I will leave this at the default setting of 720 x 480 to ensure the smooth operation of the software.


 Next, we can select the compression method for the video, or we can select AVI for no compression. As well, beside the “Compression” pull down menu, we can further configure the compression method with more options.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation: Software Part 1
  3. Installation: Hardware
  4. Installation: Hardware Continued
  5. Installation: Software Part 2
  6. Configuration
  7. Configuration Continued
  8. Testing
  9. Testing Continued
  10. Conclusion
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