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X-Arcade Tankstick

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What better way to test an arcade gaming unit than to play all the classic arcade games for hours on end? I vote that there is no other way to test. I called over some of my friends who I used to play in the arcade at the mall with me to get some more opinions of the Tankstick. We played all the included games and an old golf game that one of my buddies had at his house to test the trackball on the unit.

The first thing I wanted to test was what my friends thought of setting up the profiles for each game. All of them, including myself, agreed that it was a hassle to set up profiles for each and every game. But what made it worse was that we had to do it all while using just a PS/2 keyboard. It got to the point where we just decided to make a standard layout of the controls for each game so that no one had to go back and modify the profile.

Once we started playing, all of us got very immersed in the games and the unit because we have been deprived of an arcade for many years now. Everyone was smiling from ear to ear because of the memories that came back and it was an awesome experience to relive those moments and save all the quarters. The unit was very easy to play on for an extended period of time and it felt so real that I forgot we were in my basement playing on a computer. Below is a picture of one of the rounds of Super Breakout I had.

The trackball worked very well when we played the golf game with it. The horizontal disabler button worked great, because it insured the golf ball would go vertically on the screen instead of having an inaccurate shot that would veer to the sides.

We decided to try playing the pinball game included with Windows so we set the buttons on the side of the Tankstick to control the flippers. Let me tell you that there is no better way to play pinball in your house than with the Tankstick.

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