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Tagan A+ Curbic Review



This case looks great on the outside, and performs pretty well inside. Depending on pricing, this case could be quite competitive. The lack of a window allows for some level of distraction from the inside quality – some scratches and over-spray mainly. The fans look great and the switches are a nice touch for people who don’t like flashy computers. This feels like a case that many people can like using. The only major downfall is a lack of a manual of any sort. It is nice to have a removable motherboard tray, but most cases don’t have such features. The tray does have divots that allow heat from the back of the motherboard to escape, but also greatly increases the sturdiness of the tray so that when installing components the motherboard does not flex. The front audio and USB are easy to reach, as are the variable fan toggles. The case width plus the side fan will also limit the amount of heat sinks that may be installed – a Tuniq Tower will not fit. Stock fans will fit no problem however, as will moderately sized heat sinks. For being steel it isn’t very heavy – but doesn’t compromise strength either. The cooling is really good for a case of this level; the fans are quiet and push plenty of air.

The shipping box doesn’t leave a huge impression, but the picture of the case on the front helps at least a little bit. The level of protection provided is adequate to keep the case from being damaged. Working on the Curbic was easy even without a manual, although the case can be a bit cramped to work in with a full ATX motherboard. I suggest installing the drives first, and motherboard lastly. Overall the Tagan A+ Curbic was a good case to work with, and should appeal to most users.



  • Fan Control
  • Light Control
  • Tool-free design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Decent cooling



  • No manual


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  6. Conclusion
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